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Several Micro-Pigmentation Options 

5 days ago

Similar to fingerprints, every individual has a different hairline of the scalp. Hence, a cosmetologist must know about these details before starting a scalp micro-pigmentation process. It is more like a tattooing process and your doctor or technician must be informed about the hairline and color you want on your scalp. It is done with the help of micro needles used to fill the opened or damaged hair follicles and provide that area an even tone. The design, shape, and exact specifications of the hairline should be made apparent to the cosmetologist for the best results. The client should explain to him the beginning and end of his hairline and its wideness over the forehead as well.
Who can go for a scalp micro pigmentation treatment?

  1. Alopecic: The scientific name for baldness is alopecia, and people who suffer from this syndrome are more likely to go for SMP treatment. It makes their head look hairy by the illusion of colored inks. Scalp micro pigmentation treatment is a great way to hide your exact age at older times.
  2. Trend: Sometimes, people who have proper full natural hair growth also want to go with the current fashion, and the trend of going bald with tiny hair is still in as Jamie Foxxs hair transplant was also in the news. Even if some people do not like a shiny and sleek shaved bald head, so they choose to go for a razor shaved look and that look can readily be attained with the help of micro scalp pigmentation.
  3. Hiding scars: People who have gone through some hair transplant or any kind of treatment for hair are also likely to get scalp micro-pigmentation performed by an expert technician or cosmetologist.
  4. Bad SMP: To the clients who have got a poor experience from their previous scalp micro pigmentation can also choose to get it done for the second time. However, it is suggested to lessen the repetition time of these chemical-based methods in the form of Jamie Foxxs hair transplant. They might also lead to the formation of cancerous cells, carcinogens inside the different layers of the skin.
Who should not go for micro scalp pigmentation?

For hiding scars or bruises on the scalp, people who have blonde hair might not be suitable for this procedure because the colored ink will be visible through their hair. It will give their head an unnatural appearance and will make a noticeable change. Along with it, people should be aware of the chemicals used in this process if they have a certain kind of allergies from specific chemicals and avoid using them altogether. The substances can enhance the effect and may also grow severe bruises. 

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