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TechTalk Blog - Takeaways from Rutgers Business School’s 35th World Continuous Auditing and Reporting Symposium

I attended the Rutgers Business School's 35th World Continuous Auditing and Reporting Symposium on November 6 th & 7 th 2015 on the Rutgers campus in Newark, NJ. This was the 3 rd of these symposiums I’ve attended and they have all been very educational and thought provoking. I met...

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TechTalk Blog - COSO Principle 14 – Communicates Internally - Technology Enablement

“The organization internally communicates information, including objectives and responsibilities for internal control, necessary to the functioning of internal control.” (COSO Principle 14 – Communicates Internally COSO Framework ) is the second of the three principles relating to the...

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TechTalk Blog - Have You Conducted an Accessibility Audit of the Company Websites?

We are all familiar with the accommodations required of our workplaces, retail stores, and other physical spaces but how does the “public accommodation” rules in Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) apply to our cyber assets? This remains an open question. ...

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TechTalk Blog: US SEC Invites Entities Regulated by the SEC (Public Companies) to Submit a Voluntary Diversity Assessment Report and Also Disclose to Stakeholders

Earlier this week the US Securities and Exchange Commission's Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI) issued a report aimed at helping SEC-regulated entities assess diversity efforts to the capital markets and other interested stakeholders. The self-assessments are voluntary for US public...