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TechTalk Blog - US Securities & Exchange Commission To Issue SME Crowdfunding Rule

Liv Watson , Senior Director Strategic Customer Initiatives at Workiva and member of the IMA Technology Solutions Practices Committee gave us an alert yesterday from the International Organization of Securities Commissioners IOSCO Annual Conference in Lima, Peru that this SME Crowdfunding Rule would be finalized when Mary Jo White, Chair of the US Securities & Exchange Commission addressed delegates attending the global securities regulator/ stock exchange conference and spoke of the significance to the SME capital markets place and crowdfunding

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TechTalk Blog - US Securities & Exchange Commission Seeks Comments on Sustainability Reporting by Public Companies

US SEC Seeks Public Comments on Modernization of Public Company Disclosures On April 13, 2016 The Securities and Exchange Commission voted to issue a "Concept Release" seeking public content on the form and content of disclosures made by US public companies to improve the usefulness of disclosures, making them more "effective" to investors and other stakeholders in the capital markets

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TechTalk Blog - US Securities & Exchange Commission Chairman and US Congress Urge Public Companies to Disclosure Human Capital Metrics to the Capital Markets

The SEC’s interpretation and the Congressional “Corporate Diversity Bill” are the latest evidence that efforts over the past two years for enhanced board diversity are gaining considerable momentum. 1 The Human Capital Management Coalition —a group of institutional investors with $2.8 trillion in assets—is urging the US Securities and Exchange Commission to require issuers to “disclose information about their human capital management policies, practices and performance.”

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TechTalk Blog - US Securities & Exchange & FASB Increasing Use of XBRL for Better Rule Making To Protect Investors

Great story in a recent issue of CFO Magazine how XBRL is being used by both the US Securities and Exchange Commission and by other agencies such as the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) to make better rules or determine the cost and burden of various regulations on the private sector

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TechTalk Blog - Securities Regulators from Growth and Emerging Markets Seeking Comments on Sustainability Disclosures (CSR/ESG) & Role of Regulator in this Area

The International Organization of Securities Organizations (IOSCO) issued a press release today stating that securities regulators from growth and emerging markets are seeking public feedback on proposed recommendations related to the development of sustainable finance in capital markets and the role of securities regulators in this area. The question is – will the largest capital markets regulator in the world – the United States Securities and Exchange Commission support the disclosure of sustainability data by public companies and create guidance and suggestions of frameworks that can be used to assist US Investors

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