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4 Great Tips Of Designing Custom Beer Coasters 

11-21-2019 12:13 AM

Designing the perfect custom beer coasters can be an overwhelming undertaking. You need the custom beer coaster design to be ideal for your brand personality and style, while likewise having a charming vibe. Other than your logo and motto, what precisely ought to be remembered for your custom beer coaster design? Choosing the Knitty abrasive subtleties of your plan can frequently be a battle. What information should you include for you to remember for your beer coaster? Should your beer coaster be in the state of a circle or a square? What number of designs would it be a good idea for you to print? There are such vast numbers of exciting points. It can some of the time, be hard to pick and pick the entirety of the subtleties. Try not to stress! We are here to help with these fantastic guidelines that you need to consider while designing your custom beer coaster. 

The shape of your Beer Coaster

While discussing the structure of your custom beverage coasters, you might need to think about what form you might want the beer coaster to be printed. The most common choice of imprinting in either a circle or a square. Structures that have a roundabout layout by and large look better on a round beer coaster, while liners with an expansive plan can look better on a square napkin. You may likewise need to think about how much information should be remembered for your beer coaster. If you have many words, it might be ideal for picking a square beer coaster for comprehensibility. 

Social Media Information

If you are printing your custom beer coasters for bottling works or pubs, you might need to consider putting your online data on your beer coaster. Along with these lines, supporters of the distillery can find you on all the online platforms and pursue your image to see the most recent data on the entirety of your occasions. Consider including the accompanying social media handles on your custom beer coasters.

Brief History of the Beer

For an intuitive beer coaster design, consider placing a short history at the back of your custom beer coaster. This will enable your client to feel an association with your image and discover more about your backstory. These interfaces clients to your brand and encourages them to have a positive relationship with your brand. 

Number of Custom Beer Coasters

Always take into consideration the number of beer coasters you would wish to design. For most people, the request at only 500 pieces for every design. If you have several beers, you need to consider an alternate structure of beer coasters for every one of your lagers. Along these lines, you can send those beer coasters to the areas that serve your brews to publicize for each flavor independently. 


We understand that designing a custom beer coaster can feel overpowering; we trust these tips can be of some assistance. When planning your custom beer coaster, recollect these four ideas above to help your image character and showcasing. 

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