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10-06-2019 09:08 AM

Getting Media Direct Exposure on your own and Your Invention


Something that aids any type of Developer with an item is media exposure. The method is getting the media interested in you and your item. The right exposure can have a two-fold success. The initial is everyone currently understands about your product and wants to buy it. The second is you are currently known as an Innovator with a product. This exposure can attract other companies to you seeking concepts for items that fit their line, for inventors go here:


Call your regional cord network and figure out if you have any type of regional programs you can be on as a visitor. Local shows are constantly looking for visitors. Get In Touch With your Public Radio Terminal near you. They desire on-air guests. The great thing with them is they rerun meetings a lot to fill up broadcast. I did a meeting with NPR that they ran for 5 months at different times of the day.

Get in touch with your state paper for an interview for the Attributes area. Try submitting a Press Release to publications that fit your target market.


Your local T.V. station can be a wonderful possession. Talk with them about utilizing you as a neighborhood expert they can get in touch with for a quote when they run tales on inventions.


If you have regional vanity press papers that are free giveaways to the general public see if they desire an interview. Call your local business group in your area for other exposure opportunities.

Obtain tee shirts with your site and product on them. Send out some to the national radio programs. John Kid and Billly is a nationally syndicated radio show that is popular in my location. I sent them 2 tees. They talked about my website for 3 minutes on air. They have a 10 million listening audience. I got 67,000 hits within 5 minutes of them mentioning me on the air. It cost me 2 tee shirts. Well worth the financial investment.

There are numerous ways to get exposure for free. You just have to be creative in your thinking. Use the same energy that helped you create your invention to get it noticed.

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